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AKTION - 10% auf alle VITO Produkte mit dem Code VITO10

Cilinder koolzuur 50,0ltr

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SKU 80220350

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Gaszylinder Kohlensäure 100% 200bar

Fully refillable and suited for beverages and miscellaneous.

When buying a gascylinder you are automatically a part of the supergas exchange system. Once you are in the exchange system you can exchange your empty gascylinder for a full cylinder all across the country. For all exchange points, visit www.supergas.nl

Thanks to the supergas exchange system you are no longer dependent on one gas supplier and you are no longer attached to rental costs or deposit. The cylinder becomes entirely your property, without inspection or maintenance costs.

Do you have a cylinder of your property? Then it is possible to get into the exchange system. Beware: You have to pay the entry costs once. For the conditions visit www.supergas.nl or ask us for more information.

The cylinder prices do not include the filling.
This filling is also available from us and costs € 75,- ex. VAT

Gascylinders und Füllungen können nur persönlich abgeholt werden!