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AKTION - 10% auf alle VITO Produkte mit dem Code VITO10

Kältemittel R134a 12kg Füllung

Original Preis 272,25 € * - Original Preis 272,25 € *
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272,25 € *
272,25 € * - 272,25 € *
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This high quality R134a refrigerant is produced in Europe and complies with the latest European directives. The refrigerant is used worldwide as standard cooling gas for mobile air conditioning systems.
The total prices as shown here excludes purchase/deposit.
From Valkenpower we offer an exchange system so that the sold cylinders can be exchanged empty fo full at one of the sales points. For empty bottles from other brands, €35,- ex. VAT entry costs are counted.
Each bottle is provided with Dutch warning instructions.

- trade name = R-134a
- chemical description = 1, 1, 1, 2-tetrafluoroethane
- CAS no. = 811-97-2
- EC no. = 212-377-0
- registration number = REACH 01-2119459374-33

At this moment it is only possible to pick up the refrigerant, as we are still looking for a suitable transporter.

Please note: When purchasing cooling gas, it is a requirement that you fill in a declaration regarding refrigerant use as a company. This can be done when picking up.
In this declaration you indicate, among other things, that you are aware of the regulation about refrigerants, in particular EU Regulation no. 517/2014. It is also important that you have a certificate as described in article 4 of the regulation no. 307/2008. When you pick up the cooling gas, take these certificate numbers with you!

For more information about the refrigerant and the declaration concerning its use, please contact us!