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Vier Säulen Hebebühne 4000kg 4,8m flat Cascos

von Cascos
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Viersäulenlift / Servicelift / Autolift / Vier Stempel Hebebühne

Cascos car lifts are from 100% European production. Cascos has more than 50 years of experience in vehicle lifts, which results in a very reliable and extremely strong end product.

At Cascos lifts, three key words are central, namely: Reliability, functionality and safety.

The robust construction of the lifts and the high quality of the components ensure high reliabilty and low maintenance costs.
With a very low minimum ramp height and a maximum lifting height of 2000mm, these lifts are very versatile and suitable for cars, buses and 4x4 vehicles.
The lifts are equipped with a safety indicator and have both a mechanical and a pneumatic protection.

Furthermore, the Cascos four pole lifts have a number of very thoughtful features:

  • Double T-profiles: Runways reinforced with double T-welded steel beams. These are virtually impossible to deform, withstand the load better over time and ensure that the runway is perfectly flat, ideal for very precise work.

  • Extra safety: Cascos gives priority to safety above all and has developed a double safety system for all columns, namely:
    Mechanical safety: by means of a safety bar.
    Pneumatic safety: by means of safety ladders.

  • Leveling alarm: Cascos lifts have an indicator light that warns if the runways are poorly leveled and ensures that the cylinder works in perfect conditions, which ensures a longer service life.

  • Hydraulic cylinders: One by one produced and tested in the factory.

  • Convenience and efficiency:
    Manual lowering valves to lower the lift in event of a power failure or malfunction.
    Adjustable lifting timer that can speed up the lowering, depending on the load volume.

  • Thermal protection: Electric motors have thermal protection against overheating.

  • For Cascos four post lifts, less installation space is required and a larger working surface is available, which makes the lift unique in its kind.

This model four column lift has a capacity of 4 tons and has the following features:

  • Flat long runways of 4,8 meters long and 630mm wide.

  • Due to a drive width of 2780mm, the lift is suitable for passenger cars, small vans and 4x4 vehicles.

  • Wide runways of 630mm, suitable for working with wider tires.

  • With a minimum ramp height of only 130mm, this lift is the lowest on the market. Due to the low ramp height the ramps are shorter, making the lift suitable for low vehicles, such as sports cars.


  • capacity = 4000kg

  • voltage = 230-400V / 3 phase

  • motor power = 3kW

  • minimum drive height = 130mm

  • maximum lifting height = 2000mm

  • length of the runways = 4800mm

  • width of the runways = 630mm

  • distance between the runways = 740 - 990mm

  • drive width / distance between the columns = 3000mm

  • height of the columns = 2410mm

  • lifting time = 40 seconds

  • electro-hydraulic

Note: The price for this lift does not include the delivery and placement of the lift. Extended guarantees only apply in combination with a Spoods installation / mainenance contract. For more information, contact one of our employees.
The presence of a forklift truck is necessary to unload the lift!